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Uploaded.net Premium Account and Review

The simple fact is that there are nearly limitless choices for the individual consumer to go with when storing or sharing documents online. So many companies have flooded the market that the term “cloud” has become mainstream and yet lost any real meaning at the same time. With so many options to choose from, how should the savvy consumer decide which company to go with? Why shouldn’t you just choose one of the free services out there at random and give them a try? Well, the truth is that if you value what you’re sharing at all then you need to consider the costs and benefits of each of the various services. By uploading a document to a cloud host you are turning a copy of that document over to third party company. Whenever you hand over personal information you want to make sure that that information will be treated with the proper care, respect and privacy that it deserves.

Uploaded.net is one of the most trusted and reliable sites available. Uploaded was one of the first companies to offer these types of services, so they have an established record. Unlike many of the shady companies you might find, uploaded.net has servers located globally with a majority of those servers located in the USA. Diversifying servers means that there is less downtime if servers in a particular geographical location go down temporarily, and servers in the USA provide protection and the utmost reliability. In the end, Uploaded is just an easy choice to make because it has established itself as a quality provider and it provides both free and paid upload capabilities. Additionally, it has a companion application so that mobile devices can easily access content uploaded to uploaded.net. Not many other companies can offer the same type of service.

Additionally, uploaded.net benefits from being a Switzerland based company that is not held directly under the rules and regulations imposed upon similarly situated U.S. companies. This gives Uploaded the ability to tailor its policies more closely towards the goals of its customers.

So you’ve made the right decision, and you’ve decided you want to upload your documents with uploaded.net. The next question is whether you’re going to go with the traditional uploaded.net or if you’re going to upgrade to uploaded.net premium. Again, consider the type of document that you’re looking to share and how important it is to you. Uploaded.net is a fantastic service, but uploaded.net premium simply offers a wider array of options and can guarantee even greater standards of reliability. With a free account, Uploaded customers can enjoy downloads at 70 KB/s and can upload a file every three hours. By upgrading to Uploaded Premium, customers can enjoy unlimited download speeds and have no restrictions on the number of downloads. In fact, with uploaded.net premium customers can simultaneously download multiple documents, hot link those documents, and the downloads all start instantaneously.

Uploaded.net premium account



Uploaded premium

Finally, Uploaded Premium offers a wide array of payment options that again put the control in the consumer’s hands. With plans going all the way up to 2 years and costing less than $5.50 a month, Uploaded Premium aims to offer its customers as much control as possible. And upgrading to uploaded.net premium is simple. Transfer the information over from your free account and immediately start enjoying the benefits of Uploaded Premium services.

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