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Information sharing from person to person is of great importance now-a-days and the best way is to store it remotely where you can access it all the times and from various gadgets too. The quest for such technology is answered by the uploaded.net. Sharing, uploading and storing data was never this easy. Premium account of uploaded will serve you with the great ability that you haven¡¯t dreamed of. It is a cloud based storage or file hosting server that can be all yours once you pay up for your space and get the power to unlimited sharing right away.

Why choose premium account over the free account?

As you pay for the premium account, the world of options in the uploaded opens up and you get many more conveniences than you could with the free account. Starting off with the downloading and uploading speeds which is merely 50 to 70 KB/s in the free account but as far as premium account is concerned it is unlimited so that you get the ease of sharing with the swiftness. Moving on you will notice the problem in a free account that you can download one link in time span of 180 minutes which is really frustrating while in premium account upload and download as you will.
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Privacy while sharing

There are some files that you would like then to be uploaded to the account but keep them private, so there is a very clear option for you to choose which files you will keep private, share with just group of people or an individual or may be make it public. There is no glitch in the privacy problems. You can store your data over the hosting server and control the sharing. This makes uploaded.net an ideal option for you to store and share your data.

Pricing options by uploaded.net

Another intriguing feature is the pricing of the account. You can choose the plan according to your need. If you just want to just first of all try out the features then the best way is to get the 48 hour plan and after that if you will like you are being facilitated appropriately then move on to the next option that is chosen for.
Choice is all yours, you can benefit from the premium account as long as you wish to and get the unlimited opportunities to upload or download data from the upoaed.net.
Now that you know all that uploaded.net premium account is providing you in such insignificant amount, there is no reason why you shouldn¡¯t get it and share, upload and store your data in one place that you can access from 2 different computers. Sharing of the account is not allowed, but once you have tried it you can always refer it to others and the pleasant environment given to you for sharing provided by uploaded.net is enough to convince others to get their own premium account.

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